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I recently purchased one of your resonant jewelry necklaces at the LaRoche College craft show. You asked me to let you know how my results were. For the past three years, I have been suffering from back and hip pain. I've tried many doctors and chiropractors without success. For the past week, while wearing your necklace, not only have I had more energy, but my hip and back pain have ceased. Thank you so much for your product. Cheryl, Pittsburgh, PA.

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And a follow up note

(AND A FOLLOW UP NOTE) It's day #9 and still no right hip and lower back pain. I'm dumbfounded that a piece of jewelry could make a difference. I will keep you posted. Over the past three years, I've been to the emergency room and have seen several chiropractors. At times I had trouble walking. No one could help me. I hope this is not a fluke. I will keep you posted. Please only use my first name and town. Cheryl, Pittsburgh, PA


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Welcome to Body of Balance, LLC.

Do you find you have less energy than you used to?   Do you sometimes find yourself unable to concentrate as clearly as you once did, especially when working around a lot of electronics?    Do you seem to have changing sleep patterns or problems staying asleep?  These changes are not just coincidental.      

Tap into the science of subtle energy technologies and the naturally occurring phenomenon of sympathetic resonance to achieve improvements in strength, energy, stamina and balance  by balancing the human energy field.    In fact, "products that balance the human energy field"  is the class in which these types of products are placed by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office.  

The Resonant Pendant and related products by Body of Balance use this subtle energy and molecular alignment technology to help counteract the distortive effect that electromagnetic forces (EMF's) and communication frequencies may be having on your body. Think of it as Jewelry With A Job  to help your body be the best that it can be.

We live in a world filled with many convenient and enjoyable technologies.    Cell phones, laptop computers, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, satellite TV and Radio as well as wireless communications  and remote controls of many forms all help to make our lives easier and more  diverse.   All of these modern conveniences utilize microwave to some degree and all of this comes, however,  with a cost.  In this case, the cost is what appears to be constant, minor disruptions to our molecular function and neural communications by the effects of these electromagnetic forces or  EMF's.   Our bodies are often  encountering thousands of frequencies and EMF's at any given moment.   By preventing our bodies from working completely as they were intended, a great deal of energy is spent in the constant "course corrections"  at our body's molecular level.  

Our human molecules are one of the basic building blocks of our bodies.  It stands to reason then that if there is any molecular disruption or dysfunction, we just won't function as well as we were intended to.  It may result in loss of energy, strength or stamina, changing sleep patterns, reduced concentration, mood changes, and an array of other mental and physical  changes that signal to us that something just "isn't quite right".

What if there were a simple, cost-effective way to help your body deal with these electronic challenges to its well being and function.   Well there is!

Our imprinted pendants are designed to give off a very subtle energy frequency or resonance which, when worn on or near your body, can demonstrate immediate physical and mental improvements.  For more on the science and theories behind these types of devices, visit our page on Jewelry Technology.  

The basic principle of resonance is a component of many technologies used in medicine, industry, music and a number of fields . There are many emerging technologies utilizing various forms of subtle energy  for theraputic applications.  They are increasingly  used to promote healing of wounds and bone fractures, and experimental studies have shown positive effects of very low level, pulsed frequencies in treating pain and depression.

Our subtle energy pendants and related products are intended to be an affordable, everyday application of these technologies in helping to combat some of  the more negative effects of  excessive and cumulative levels of EMF's and communications frequencies.  Some call this part of our everyday environment "ElectroSmog" or "Electro Pollution". 

Don't just take our word for it!  Click onto the link to testimonials to read about the wide array of benefits our customers report to have experienced since wearing the Body of Balance Resonant Jewelry.  

There are similar products available which are much more expensive but we believe you will find ours just as effective.  At our affordable prices, isn't it worth a try?

We invite you to try our resonant products to experience the potentially life changing benefits they may provide  

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